Grade 8 — The Giver Section Outline and Section 1 and 2 Questions

Chapter 17 and 18 1. What is Jonas’ reaction to his friends game of “war”? Why does he react this way? 2. Explain what happened to Rosemary and its impact on the community? 3. Why do the painful memories outweigh the happy ones in their effect on The Giver, Jonas, and Rosemary? 4. In your … More Grade 8 — The Giver Section Outline and Section 1 and 2 Questions

Treaty Assignment

Treaty Assignment   1 — Owen and Natasha 2 — Easton and Kenna 3 — Suzie, Janaya and Tristen 5 — Jaxon and Rachel 6 — Rory and CHante 7 — Taylor and Amelia 8 — Dylan and Grace 10 — Kiefer and Rose

Science 8 Quiz

This will take place Thursday May 11. Density Mass Volume How to measure volume of a liquid Density compared to water (float or sink) Density of water calculate density displacement Archimedes Principle of Displacement Meniscus Steps for how to read a graduated cylinder potential issues for using the water displacement method to measure volume Particle theory … More Science 8 Quiz

Grade 7 Science

Page 109:  Questions 1-3 Read pages 110-117 Page 117:  Questions 1-3 Read pages 118-120 Page 120:  Questions 1-5 You will have 2 periods to complete this assignment and it is due on Friday April 28

Genius Hour

Your Genius Hour proposal is due and signed by FRIDAY APRIL 28. Your proposal must be printed out and include: Paragraph Description of you project including how you plan to present. List of people who will support you and how they will support you. Signature from parent, student and teacher.