Grade 8 — The Giver Section Outline and Section 1 and 2 Questions

Chapter 17 and 18

1. What is Jonas’ reaction to his friends game of “war”? Why does he react this way?
2. Explain what happened to Rosemary and its impact on the community?

3. Why do the painful memories outweigh the happy ones in their effect on The Giver,
Jonas, and Rosemary?
4. In your opinion, why does Rosemary fail as a Receiver?




2016 – 2017 – Giver – Section outline

Chapter 1-2 questions

Chapter 3-4 questions

Chapter 5-6 questions

Chapter 7-9 questions

Chapter 10 and 11 Questions

1. What is different about the Receiver’s home?
2. What is the Giver’s job? What must he give Jonas?
3. What is Jonas’ first memory? How do he and the Giver react to it?
4. What happened to snow?
5. What is Jonas’ second and third memory?

Digging Deeper

6. Why do you think it is necessary for this community to have a receiver?
7. Why do you think Jonas’ society chose to institute ‘Sameness’? What are some of the consequences of Sameness on people’s lives in this community?

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