Science 7

Read pages 259-284 Make a definition dictionary of any bolded words Draw and label a diagram of the Earth that includes: crust, mantle, inner core and outer core Explain the theory of plate tectonics Draw and label the following: diverging boundary, converging boundaries, transform boundary Draw and label a diagram that shows how the focus … More Science 7

Grade 7 Science

Page 109:  Questions 1-3 Read pages 110-117 Page 117:  Questions 1-3 Read pages 118-120 Page 120:  Questions 1-5 You will have 2 periods to complete this assignment and it is due on Friday April 28

Science 7

Use your science textbook to fill in your science dictionary. volume capacity graduated cylinder mass pure substance mixture element compound solute solvent solution mechanical mixture heterogeneous mixture homogeneous mixture matter paper chromatography  

Science Fair

Welcome to the Science Fair process.  On this post, you will find various resources to help you with your science fair planning.  You will also find deadlines.  This post will change as we go. Types of Projects Experiment —  where you perform an experiment and collect numerical data In this type of project you ask … More Science Fair

Science 7 — Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle and Carbon Cycle

Josh, Jake and Cayle — Water Cycle Brady and Dylan B — Nitrogen Cycle Kallum and Ayden  — Carbon Cycle Your task is to put together a presentation to teach your classmates about the cycle you have been assigned.  Beyond content, your presentation should include information, visuals and a video if you can find one. … More Science 7 — Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle and Carbon Cycle

Open Book Quiz

Using pages 24-30 of your textbook, answer the following questions. This is like an OPEN BOOK QUIZ so it is very important that you show your BEST WORK! pages-24-30

Science 7

Remember that you have a test on Oct. 12.  Below you will find a picture of the study guide we made in class.  You will also find the video assignment that you asked me to post. ecosystem-video-assignment   Study Guide