Science 8 Quiz

This will take place Thursday May 11. Density Mass Volume How to measure volume of a liquid Density compared to water (float or sink) Density of water calculate density displacement Archimedes Principle of Displacement Meniscus Steps for how to read a graduated cylinder potential issues for using the water displacement method to measure volume Particle theory … More Science 8 Quiz

Science 8 — Check In

You will have a science assessment on January 27, 2017 Terms that should be in your science dictionary light reflection refraction rectilinear propagation penumbra umbra opaque transparent translucent ROYGBIV Angle of Incidence Angle of Reflection incident ray law of reflection specular reflection diffuse reflection Bioluminescence chemiluminescence luminous non-luminous ray ray-diagram luminance intensity Above and beyond … More Science 8 — Check In

Human Eye Assignment

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment.  You will be working in the classroom.  Label the diagram.  Three terms will be repeated. Use this website to make notes on the 7 parts you labeled.  You must include what the part is, what it looks like and what it does.  If that website does not work for you, you … More Human Eye Assignment

Science Fair

Welcome to the Science Fair process.  On this post, you will find various resources to help you with your science fair planning.  You will also find deadlines.  This post will change as we go. Types of Projects Experiment —  where you perform an experiment and collect numerical data In this type of project you ask … More Science Fair

Science Test — Extra Things to Study

Cells, Tissues and Organs — How are they related? List and explain the four types of tissues in humans. Multi cellular vs Unicellular What are specialized cells?  Give an example. Cell membrane, diffusion and osmosis Body systems — focus on structure, function and factors that help for the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems How do … More Science Test — Extra Things to Study