Patterns and Relations Review

Well… we are getting close to being done our Patterns and Relations Strand of math.  We only have one section left.  I am posting a math review that covers the entire strand.  There is the actual review and then the answer key.  This review will not be homework, but rather, I encourage you to use it as a studying tool.  There may be days where I ask you to pull it out and try some questions but otherwise you will work on it during homework club and at home.  If you have any questions, let me know!


Please be sure to gather any topics you would like to discuss or more examples of!

Review and Answer Key

Assessment Dates

  • Students on Band Trip:  Assessment Friday May 12
  • Students not on Band Trip:  Assessment Tuesday May 16

Topics Covered

  • Expressions and equations — know what each are and the difference between them and be able to convert words to numbers and symbols
  • Identify Numerical Co-efficient, Constant Term and Variable for both expressions and equations
  • Term and Term Number — Using the expression, complete the table and given the completed table come up with the expression and explain how the term and term number are related
  • What is a relation? (in terms of math)
  • Input and Output Tables:  Using the expression, complete the table and given the completed table come up with the relation and explain how the input and output are related
  • Graphing Linear Relations — how to use an input and output table to graph, label the parts of the graph, include a title and explain each graph in terms of input/output
  • Solving equations with tiles — know when to put in tiles (create zero pairs) or to take tiles out
  • Solving equations using systematic trial or inspection
  • Solving equations using algebra





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