Egghead Final Assignment — Health

Part 1:  Retell

Retelling means giving an account of a story’s key points, told in sequence. A retelling usually includes characters, setting, problems, and solution or the main ideas of the text. It involves telling what is important in the story without telling too much. Retelling helps readers recall what is happening in the story, develop a sense of story structure and become more accurate in checking their own understanding.

When a teacher says “talk about what happened in the story”, they really mean — Talk about the following without being asked:

  • Setting (details, description, names)
  • Characters (details, feelings, names, lessons they learned, how they changed)
  • Plot (problem, events, solution with details and examples from the story in order)
  • Connections (deep ones not flat ones)
  • Author’s message and lesson
  • The important part of the story and why
  • Your opinions, thoughts and reactions

Part 2:  Visual Representation

  • Choose your favorite scene in Egghead and make a visual representation of it.  This can be done through a drawing, painting, diorama, or many other options.  If you are not sure, check with your teacher.

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