Social 8 Culture Handout

You will be assigned a culture.  Your job is to create a two page handout about the culture you have been assigned.  This will be done on the computer using a program of your choice.  Your content must include the common aspects of culture that were discussed in class.  Use your hand outs and think about information discussed in class.  We will be looking for that information in your handout.


Your handout will be marked as part of the following:

Social Studies Content

  1. General overview of the culture.  
  2. Religion
  3. Political Beliefs
  4. Economy
  5. Family
  6. Education
  7. Play

ELA — Writing and Representing

  • It will be expected that you write in complete sentences with attention to sentence structure, organization, word choice and conventions of writing.

PAA — Elements of Design

  • You need to add visuals and colour to your handout to make it visually appealing.  See rubric below for specific ideas.


You will have 7 classes to complete the assignment and it is due on Wednesday April 12.


Culture Handout Assessment


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