Social — Play Assignment

  • Description of the game: this should include objectives (what is the goal of the play), Field and equipment required (this should include all required materials to play, including if needed uniforms). Scoring or how a winner is determined (if this is by judgement what are the criteria?)??


  • Country of origin and history in the country of origin. If you cannot find this then you will need to analyze your sport/game and make a suggestion from what you know about people in general or if you have the knowledge the people of the region. Be careful not to make stereotypes or judgments that apply value to what you say.??


  • Why is this game valuable to the society it exists in? What do people get from it?

*As an aside please remember that in this grade and the one to follow representing your understanding is an expectation. If you have chosen a sport or play that has little to no information then you are required to change your choice. Not being able to find information on an activity covered in class (that was chosen by you) is not an excuse for a poor or incomplete assignment.



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