Growth Mindset Lessons

Video 1

  • How do people become more intelligent?
  • How does the diagram of the neurons “At birth vs. At age 6” demonstrate this?
  • What about the second diagram of the nerves of the animal living in a cage vs. an animal living with other animals and toys?
  • How are our brains like muscles?
  • When do our brains grow the most?


Video 2

  • What is neuroplasticity?
  • How does neuroplasticity work?
  • How can you “rewire” your brain?


Think-Pair-Share Discussion:  Discuss a time when you overcame a struggle in learning and learned to solve a problem.



  • Take a few minutes to think of a time when you overcame a struggle to learn something. It could be anything – from adding negative numbers to learning a technique in baseball to writing an introduction for a difficult essay. Reflect on the times when you failed at first but through persevering your brain created new neural connections and you eventually became better at the task at hand.
  • Write a letter to a future student of your class about this struggle. In at least five sentences, tell this student your story and give them advice on what they should do next time they encounter an obstacle when learning something new. An example is below. Feel free to be as creative as you would like.





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