Science Unit Assessment

You can use any print resources to help you with this assignment, but not the internet.  You will have 2 periods to complete the assignment and then it must be handed in.

Part A:

Use white paper to complete the following assignment.  Colour is up to you. You are not being graded on your artistic ability but rather the information  you include.

  • Sketch or draw a scene showing a part of any ecosystem you choose. This ecosystem can be as near as your schoolyard or as far away as another country or continent.
    • Include all of the components that you think are important.
    • Add labels to identify all the features that you’ve included and the reason why you included them.
    • Remember you must include yourself in this ecosystem.

Part B:

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  1. What do you and other living things need to survive?
  2. How and why do living things depend on one another?
  3. Using the First Nations and Métis worldview, how important do you think humans are in this ecosystem? Explain.
  4. If you remove one organism completely from your ecosystem, what impact would this have? Explain

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