Genius Hour Rubric

Below you will find your genius hour rubric.  Please have a look at it as you plan your project.


  • By December 13, you must comment on this post and answer the following questions:
    • What were some key things you learned about your Genius Hour project?
    • What type of research sources did you use? What was the most helpful resource to you?
    • Did you make any changes to your project idea this week? If so, what were they?
    • What do you need to do next week to continue working on your project?
    • What resources do you think you will need to continue to work on your project?
    • What is your goal for next week with your project?

22 thoughts on “Genius Hour Rubric

  1. 1. some key things that i learned are that the steps i use are quite easy and i think ill have a good shot at this
    2. the types of research sources that i used the most are, videos. because they are more helpful.
    3. no i didn’t
    4. probably start to make my genius hour so i can put all the videos on
    5. word and power point
    6. to get all my videos on and maybe finish or get about half way doe on my genius hour


  2. 1. The main key thing I have learned is the answer to my Genius Hour question. Another key thing is the types of colorblindness.
    2. is the most used site right now as it covers the basic questions of color deficiency another site I used it the it also answers some questions and shows some examples.
    3. I haven’t made any changes and I don’t think I will because I am on a good track.
    4. All I need is a computer because almost everything is done digitally.
    5. Again, the only resource I need a computer/lap top.
    6. My goal is to have the base info on my PowerPoint.


  3. 1. I have learned the baking soda, baking powder, or bicarbonate of soda can make cupcakes rise.I have learned that all of them play a very similar roll in the baking process, the only difference is that the baking soda is a stronger substance.
    2. the most useful resource out of these three for me was
    3. I have made know changes to my Project idea this week.
    4. next week i am planning on how each of the components react, and why I picked my topic.
    5. I think I will need to continue using the three resources I copied above because they tell me all the information I will need, but i will also find more resources to make sure the information is correct.
    6. my target for next class is to finish my description on why i chose it, and to finish the description as to why the baking soda and baking powder make the cupcakes rise.


  4. 1. I learned that baking soda is a bicarbonate and vinegar is an acetic acid. This creates an acid based reaction when mixed together, which makes the explosion.

    2. After looking at many different step by step sites I chose this one; because to me this was the most helpful. It gave me the steps very clearly so that I could understand exactly what I am supposed to do when the time comes.

    3. No, I didn’t make any changes to my project this week

    4. Next week I am going to need to buy the supplies for my volcano because I am going to try and make one and test it out. This way I can make sure that the steps I have found will work.

    5. I might need to find some books or websites to help me give a better description on volcanoes as a whole or just how volcanoes erupt.

    6. I hope to have more of my presentation done. I also want to know that the volcano will erupt.


  5. What were some key things you learned about your Genius Hour project?
    How to create a painting using shadows and illusions for the viewer.
    Using real life pictures to make your painting more realistic.
    Research of a French artist who create easy paintings.

    What type of research sources did you use? What was the most helpful resource to you?
    Strangely but truly I used Facebook for all of the information about the French artist as well as got more information from the sites she put in her bio. I also used YouTube to see how the to create a painting by using different edges of the pencil or shading light or dark to create a realistic illusion.

    Did you make any changes to your project idea this week? If so, what were they?
    I made the change of cutting out the learning of French just because it was a little too much to handle and focus much on my topic as well as hard to find most basic French learning when I knew most of them.

    What do you need to do next week to continue working on your project?
    Next week I’m more going to focus on my painting to make sure I even out my time and am able to plan ahead of time.

    What resources do you think you will need to continue to work on your project?
    I would say working on my painting next class mostly requires me to look at YouTube videos and lean from those.

    What is your goal for next week with your project?
    By next week I hope to be finished all my research and learning about how to create the painting so I am able to finish up the final touches on my research bio of the French artist.


  6. 1. I learned that the way you grip and how you release the ball out of your hand is very important to throwing a good pitch.
    2. helped me the most it showed me how to grip and it also gave me information about the pitches.
    3.Yes I added what each pitch does (If it curves, how the batter sees the ball,… etc)
    4. I need to finish how to throw each pitch and gather videos of people pitching.
    5. The resources I have should be enough to get me done but I might need to look at a book about pitching.
    6. I would like to have all my information done or close to being done, get a good start on my presentation and maybe get a video of me throwing the pitches.


  7. 1. I learned how to make bath bombs and I learned about how all the ingredients in the bath bombs are important and how they help your body (especially the essential oils and Epsom salts). I also learned that bath bombs help your body because they contain natural oils(the essential oils) that soak into your skin and cleanse your skin.
    2. I used sources such as the ones below. These sources are very helpful because they give me a lot of information on what I really need to know to go forward with my project.
    3. I have not made any changes to my project so far.
    4. A resource I may need to continue my work on my project is maybe a few books or magazines with information on bath bombs and essential oils, just so I can get a bit more information on my project.
    5. My goal for next week is to get my recipes and steps for making bath bombs onto my Powerpoint presentation, just so I can be one step ahead with my project plan. I also want to get a few practice bath bombs made, just so I can see if the recipes and steps are accurate.


  8. 1. I have learned what all the recipes for cake pops all have in common and different recipes.

    2. were the most useful resources.

    3. I didn’t make any changes this week.

    4.Next week i need to get the ingredients and finish my PowerPoint.

    5. I will continue to use my three resources.

    6.To finish my PowerPoint.


  9. 1. I learned that for a blow dart it helps to have an adapter on the pvc pipe.
    2. YouTube was the most helpful for me because it had a lot of tutorials on how to build things.
    3. No.
    4. I need to get the final materials for my darts.
    5. I need hot glue and nails.
    6. My goal is to be done this whole project before I come back from Christmas break.


  10. 1. I learned that you don’t have to add cream of tarter to make make playdoh
    2. The most helpful research source is
    3. I did not make any changes to my project
    4. I need to make the edible playdoh
    5. I need to keep talking to my mom about how she makes hers
    6. My goal is to finish making my playdoh


  11. 1. Some key things which I learned about is that obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can have a really big impact on your everyday lives. It can affect your social life and just your life in general.
    2. I used all the sources which I could find. The most helpful resource for me is just asking my family.
    3. No, I did not make any changes.
    4. Next week I need continue researching about my topic and find more information.
    5. I will need all the resources which I am already using.
    6. My goal for next week is to have more information and to think about starting my presentation.


  12. 1.There are many different types of workouts you can do to increase tour vertical.
    2.I used google and searched my topic and found many different websites that have different workouts and routines. The most helpful resource to me was my dad because he had already had two printed copies of some workouts that interested me the most.
    3.No I didn’t.
    4.Keep following the workout guide everyday except for my rest day.
    5.Skipping rope, jump box or a sturdy chair, the workout program, and me.
    6.To continue working on the project and see if my vertical increases at all and by how much.


  13. key thing i learned was that you cant just sew a piece together and then its done another thing I learned was that their are a lot of steps that i didn’t even know existed.
    2. I used some instruction websites but the most informational one was the instructables one I found.
    3.I have not made any changes this week
    4 need to start making my pattern for my backpack.
    5.I will need a sewing machine for my project goal for next week is to finish my pattern.


  14. 1.I have learned the special recipes for the bread and what you need to make it the same
    2. I have been using these most resources and
    3.I did not make any changes
    4.I need to get the ingredients and tools i need to finish my project
    5.I will continue to use my three main resources but i will still research more information and use whatever websites or resources that work better.
    6.My goal next week is to finish my power point and start the recipe


  15. 1. that you do not need to follow and take your own path.

    2.I used YouTube for the idea and parents for making it happen

    3. yes I added more design and pics to it.

    4.I need to test the tool and see what it dose.

    5. I am going to have to get wood and other test materials.

    6. I want to have all the testing done by next week and hopefully the presentation done.


  16. 1. So far I have learned the best fabrics to use when making clothes, easy ways to prepare, and how to measure properly so i have enough fabric for my outfit,
    2. I have so far used google and you tube. My most helpful source was probably you tube because it was easier to understand and I could see what things I have to do. There wasn’t a specific you tuber that really helped. I watched about 5 videos and they all gave me different parts of information that will make my project turn out.
    3. I have made a few changes. My original idea was to create the full thing using fabric. Instead, i have decided to keep my focus on designing a circle skirt and attaching it to a black cotton shirt.
    4. This week I will need to buy my fabric and other supplies and start getting my ideas together and designing it.
    5. I will still need to talk to my grandma about proper sewing and get a few tips from her. After that I would like to do a little more research on creating a circle skirt to make sure I have a good idea of it and then I can start sewing.
    6. My goal for next week is to have had all of my supplies and have designed it so that the week after that I can start.


  17. 1. Ni hao(hello) Some key things i learnt were that lots of words in Mandarin corresponded to the English language in some way. I also learnt that it is quite difficult to speak mandarin.

    2. I used lots of YouTube videos to help me and some websites with games. The YouTube videos were the most helpful to me, because they told you how to say the words, were as most websites just wrote the Mandarin word down .

    3.No i did not make any changes.

    4. I need to find out more of the numbers, but i think i have enough resources to do that
    at least for now.

    5. I want to have at least 20 more words and start my PowerPoint, by next week.


  18. -Some keys things i have learned are: After you’re done baking the cupcakes take them out of the tin or steam will build up and make the cupcakes moist and Never over-bake it
    – The most helpful resource i have used for this project is you tube videos and internet sites
    – I have made no changes
    – test it out to see if my research was correct
    – My phone to record a video and buy ingredients
    – To have my power point presentation finished


  19. 1 Paper can build a lot of things
    2 recherche that i used are YouTube Google and lots of paper
    3 no
    4 Finish building my gun
    5 Paper
    6 My goal for next week is to be dune


  20. 1. I learned how to make your very own batarang and what types of tools that were needed for this project.

    2. these resources were quiet helpful for my project because they gave me ideas and info on how to make one GrantThompson,

    3. I haven’t made any changes to my project.

    4. I need to start making the batarang and get my supplies ready so i can start to make my batarang.

    5. the sources i will need to continue this project are GrantThompson,

    6. my goal for next week is to have my batarang finished and done by the 20th.


  21. 1. Some key things I have learned about this project was the different types of drawing utensils that I can use.

    2. The resources I mostly use were YouTube and that is what I have used the hole time.

    3. No I did not make ant changes to my project this week.

    4. Next week I need to start drawing my picture.

    5. The resource is YouTube I will use that to help me to continue my project.

    6. My goal for next week with my project is to try and get part of my project done.


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