Light and Optics — Grade 8

Read pages 92-98 and answer the following questions on shadow, and transmission of light:

  1. What is the opposite of ‘opaque’?
  2. What term is in between ‘opaque’ and its opposite?
  3. What is a shadow?
  4. What are the two parts of a shadow?
  5. What do we call the path of a photon of light (or a bunch of them)?
  6. What do we call the amount of light that falls in a given area?
  7. What term refers to the light emitted from an object?
  8. Define light pollution?
  9. Where would you go to experience the lowest amount of light pollution in Saskatchewan?

Also, add the following words to your science dictionary.  Your dictionary does not need to be in alphabetical order.

luminous, non-luminous, transparent, opaque, translucent, shadow, umbra, penumbra, ray, ray diagram, illuminance, luminance intensity


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