Science 7 — Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle and Carbon Cycle

Josh, Jake and Cayle — Water Cycle

Brady and Dylan B — Nitrogen Cycle

Kallum and Ayden  — Carbon Cycle

Your task is to put together a presentation to teach your classmates about the cycle you have been assigned.  Beyond content, your presentation should include information, visuals and a video if you can find one.  The presentation will be done on the computer but you can pick the program you use.  You can use Google Docs, PowerPoint or Smart Notebook.

Oct. 20-21

  • Your job today is to start to learn about your cycle.  Why is it a cycle?  How does it work?  What components are involved?  Why is it important to an ecosystem?  By the end of these periods, you should have jot notes created that answer these questions.  I will be checking your jot notes at the beginning of next period.  These jot notes can be done online or on loose leaf.  You only need one copy per group.
  • If you all have a google account, that would be handy as all of you can work on a document at the same time.
  • If you finish your jot notes, show them to Mr. Kaytor.  If he says they are good, you can start putting together your presentation.

Oct. 26

  • Ok… so we didn’t get our jot notes done. That’s ok — let’s keep going.
  • Your job is to continue your jot notes.
  • Remember that jot notes are not in complete sentences and you will lose marks if that is what you hand in.  Jot notes are when you take information and use your own words to summarize them.
  • If you copy and paste information from the Internet, you will redo the assignment on your own.
  • When you are done your jot notes, show Ms. B and she will approve them and give you further instructions or ask you to work on them.

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