Science 8 — Body Systems Intro

  1. What are the five systems identified in chapter three, and what does each do? (the first one in your text is missing its title…it is the circulatory system, the vascular system or I’ll even take the cardiovascular system)??

  2. What do we call an ‘individual unit of life’? (be sure to read and analyze the text features in this section as well)??

  3. What is a specialized group of cells called???

  4. What do we call a group of tissues that perform a function???

  5. Which organ system do you believe to be the most important? Why? (this is an opinion question…I know you would die without any one of them…but which do you think is the most important to keep healthy for overall body health)??

  6. Read the article on page 54. Based on what you read. What might be a reason that someone would be opposed to ‘old parts for new’? Explain your opinion.??

  7. Identify one factor that could negatively affect each of the body systems identified in this section.


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