Grade 8 Daily 3 — Oct. 6-17

Read to Self:  Your task this week is to read the following articles and make two-column notes.  The format for the notes will be the same as last week and you can visit the grade 8H blog if you need a refresher on how to make the notes.  We will use comprehension questions based on one of the three for your interview.


Write To Self:  Find a picture on the internet of a place that you find interesting.  In a well-formed paragraph, describe the place.  You can use factual and made up information.  Be sure to include the picture with your paragraph.


Word Work:  This week for word work, the words come from the articles.

  1. the definition (description in some cases)
  2. use it in a sentence (not directly from the text)
  3. an image that supports your definition and sentence meaning.
  • cairn
  • provisions
  • terminal
  • icon
  • advocate
  • assimilate
  • sanctions
  • dissent


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