Fractions, Decimals and Percents Unit Outline


As you know, I am off to Texas for the next week to attend a conference.  Because of that, I am going to post a couple of things for math that you will need over that time period.  There will probably be more posted here than you will cover :).  Mr. Longstaff will be available to help you if needed as his grade sevens are covering the same material on the same days!  Work hard while I’m gone!  This is a difficult unit that requires you to access previous learning from grade six and lower.

Journal for Fractions, Decimals and Percents 3.1-3.8

The Concept of a Fraction

Fraction Review Handout #1 — Converting Fractions

Fraction Review Handout #2 – Simplifying Fractions

Challenge! — This one was not handed out, but if you are looking for extra practice or a challenge, here it is!



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